Chick gone Nuts! - Bang Bus

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13752 - It's about time that I feel we take it back to the essence of Bang Bus... to the times when no one knew what was going on in my mind.. not even myself! HA! ... sorry.. pardon my dementia... it's been a LONG week... but yeah.. back to the "film student" glory days.... it's about time to usher in a new golden era... and Mckenzie's beautiful face and bod are the perfect way to kick out the jams! This broad was roaming the streets when we kindly asked her if she'd be interested in helping us figure out our next "film"... you know how these broads are in sunny Miami.. they jump at the chance to get "discovered".. and I.. the Dirty One.. .will exploit that til I can't anymore! So yeah... I couldn't help but feel that Mckenzo had done this before.. the whole "suck a cock at a casting call" bit... but hey.. who am I to complain... shit.. this chick was soo good that I decided to keep her for myself!! Poor Presto... wait a minute.. I get him pussy all the time.. FUCK OFF PRESTON!!!! ENJOY THIS SHOOT! SHE'S INCREDIBLE! The Dirty One...

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