Clueless Abby - Bang Bus

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13994 - Hello Fellas!! It was a very interesting week. We took the bus again for a ride with my homeboy "Joey Gay" Yes!!.. That's his stage name; It was a trip I kept fucking with him because of his stupid name and you all know how much I like to fuck with people's heads. We went to the mall to find some ass and it was terrible, full of old people and some ugly girls we didn't want to talk too. Then I found this beauty sitting by the curve, I came over to talk to her and made her come and ride the bus. She was totally clueless of where she was. She told us that she was staying with some relatives that are pretty old and boring, and told her it was her lucky day cause if she was in the bus, she's gonna have fun. After some talk I get her to show us her perky tits. Then when we moved back she started to massage my dick with her foot. I was like it is hot in here so why don't you help me take my clothes off. I was feeling her tits and her ass and all of the sudden my cock was in her mouth. Abby is definitely divine as she wraps her lips around my hard cock. She teases it lightly with her tongue and lips until she finally puts her head down onto my swollen shaft. She finally gets what she wants and gets my hard cock buried deep in her pussy. After we got done, we asked her to step out and get us some hot dogs. I think she's still there waiting for us, she really has no clue.

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Download this from Bang Bus