Conflict Amongst friends - Bang Bus

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14208 - Hey everyone! Preston here, bringing you this week's Bangbus update! So this week me and Smokey went at it. If i tell you to be on time...BE ON TIME!!!! No if, ands, or buts about it. No excuses count, you know. Just do the right thing...Anyway me and him had a little argument throughout the day but we squashed it before we let our emotions run the show..but we did get things cleared up and moved on with the show just in time. We ran into this little mama walking along the way and she alright looking but she had a BODY on her. We decided to get to it..she was quite hesitant and a smart ass but she comes right in the bus after the money and the lunch offers, as they all do. Tony seemed quite attracted to her so I told him to show her a good time...Guys stay tuned!!!

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