Deja - Bang Bus

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13620 - IT'S NOT LIKE WE DON'T HAVE enough of task in trying to sucker these bitches into the Bang Bus. Taking our friend Red along made it just that harder. No bullshit, this guy had never touched another woman besides his mother in his life! IN HIS LIFE!!! So he came to me saying that if anyone could trick a bitch into fucking him... D Sanchez could! With that ego boost, we went on a hunt. We came across Deja as she was sitting at a bus stop. After brief, trivial convo...we got this South African whore and turned her out! I never knew that African putas came in all shapes and skin tones...I guess point of origin doesn't really matter......all woman are just whores...waiting to get turned out! See for yourself....Enjoy...The Dirty One...

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Download this from Bang Bus