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13806 - PP'S BACK ON THE BANG BUS!!!! I miss having that fucker around here.. I can only call Marko gay oh so long... besides...it takes on a whole new meaning when directed towards Preston Parker.... So yeah... I wanted to try something new this time... so I brought along PP AND went to go pick up JT from some adult oriented store... fucker had all sorts of anal ring toss kits and over-sized cocks in his bag.... yeah... the life of a porn stud .... ANYWAYS... while JT went on a water run... I peeped this gorgeous broad by the name of Jerzy walking down the sidewalk... first thing that caught my eye was her height.. or lacktherof... What's with these sub 5' broads??? But yeah... this dame from the Ukraine was something else.... As JT got back... he saw what I was working with and sprung into action... come to find out this broad is from Brooklyn .. so there was the automatic tri-boro connection.... for those that don't know.. or care.. JT's from Jersey.. explains a whole lot now huh..... So some cash and a neighbor from across the Hudson was enough to snag this one...Once inside... I had to get to work on getting Jerzy's natural perky breasts out in the open.. with a side of spread th**hs along with that... I guess that North East thing was going on... cuz in no time at all Jerzy was showing us her great bubble butt ass and had two huge cocks in her hand.... LOCKED AND LOADED! Threesomes are always fun to get on tape.... but to film that shit inside of the Bang Bus... priceless my friends.... We decided to dust off the ol' shinebox for the end of this one.. don't know what that is? Well.. only one way to find out... haha... WATCH THE DAMN FLICK! Enjoy! The Dirty One...

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