Donna - Bang Bus

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13676 - I've come to the realization that I, Dirty Sanchez, have made picking up random women and getting stuffed in the Bang Bus a fucking ARTFORM!!! Who else can roll around Europe with my boy Robert and pick up broads like Donna, without them knowing a word of english!!! NO ONE BUT ME!! Fuck being humble..let's be honest! Donna was minding her own business when we rolled up next to her and Robert (with my guidance of course) talked her into coming along for a ride she'd never forget. After painstakingly translating pretty much all of our convo, Donna stripped down to her birthday suit and was royally stuffed by one Robert Rosenberg. This chick is completely oblivious to what would soon happen to her... as we let her and everyone else know..that there is only ONE BANG BUS... AND NO ONE CAN FUCK WITH OUR SHIT!!!!! The Dirty One...

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Download this from Bang Bus