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13874 - It's Wednesday and time for another bus. This weeks hot young thing is a girl named Lia Lopez who I like to call LaLo. She was the hottest Cambodian chick I've ever seen. "What Al-B?" I've been corrected by Albion. She was Colombian. Any who, this girl was top of the line, grade A Colombian ass and if I was straight I'd hit that any day. J/K. I swear I'm straight! I must admit Al-B's gay ass fuck! Ha Ha Ha. As I write this Al-B is looking at me with disappointed eye's. Dude no wonder you were voted worst driver in bang bus history. You're to sensitive man. Hell, Pancho would take my abuse with stride. You gotta be more like Pancho. He don't take anything to heart! I'm completely off track. Oh ya the girl! So she had caramel skin, a great ass, and great tits. I asked her to direct me to the nearest gas station but she couldn't put the words together to make a proper sentence. So I invited her to come along and show me sense talking was a bit hard for her. Must be the Cambodian in her. Anyway, After a hundred dollar incentive she was game. Her and the guy that was with me hit it off really good. I forgot that guy's name. "Al-B!" "What's that dude's name who came with us today?" "Jared!" So her and Jared really hit it off. Needless to say they we're having sex in a matter of minutes. The blowjob was amazing, the sex was great. Doggy, mish, reverse cowgirl. The girl was on fire. The cum ended up on her face. We dropped her off in front of some condos and never saw her again. DIRT

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