Melanieeeee - Bang Bus

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13726 - OK! THAT'S IT!!! I QUIT!!! This shit has gotten entirely too easy for me... I need a challenge in life.. .you'd think that picking up chicks on a weekly basis and convincing them to give up ass for cash would be more than enough to keep me busy... but the truth of the matter is... it's just not fun anymore.. I mean look at this chick Melanie... we're roaming the mean streets of downtown Miami and come across her waiting for a cab to take her to the airport.. apparently she was president of the local mile h**h club.. cuz as soon as she got in the chasm of debauchery that is the Bang Bus... it was over... see for yourselves my loyal minions... you guys are the main reason I do this.... ok.. enough shit talking.. I fuckin' love my job.. you know you wish you had my job... or do it half as good as me... well.. in order to do that.... KEEP WATCHING MY MOVIES!!!! HAHAHAHA! The Dirty One...

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