Red Head Loves The Dick - Bang Bus

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14422 - Hey there beautiful people out there can ya hear ME!?! lol sorry always wanted to do that! on to the action we spot this cutie out in the shopping walking to her car and send the spaniard out to get her and this girls pretty cool seems like she has her head on straight so that's always cool but at the same time we like those loose cannons you know those wild women that will show us there tits at a blink of an eye! but this girl had something about her that drove us nuts so I had to convince into coming with us and ofcourse a little sly talk will get any girl going! once inside the bus in our habitat she began to let loose just a little bit more and you can see that she was attracted to the spaniard so I had one goal in this fine afternoon and well you all know what that goal is lol and let's just say that this fire crotch had all the right moves!! I hope you guys enjoy this update,STAY TUNED

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Download this from Bang Bus