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13928 - Whats up peeps. Here we are driving the bus again down the streets of Miami. Today we had my friend checking out the famous vehicle, she was just curious how it looks since she've heard so many things about it. The only one thing she didn't remember is that she not suppose to step out of bus no matter what we tell her. Poor thing ended up standing on the side of a road screaming at us as we took off. Lucky her it was in South Beach. As the matter of fucked we could only find this MILF to talk with until her grumpy boyfriend showed up. So we decided to go somewhere else. Well you never know. An hour later we found ourself driving in some creepy neighborhood where we saw this security guard chick standing in front of the gates. I turned out that she just recently got this job and wasn't making enough money. I offered her what I usually offer and she agreed. For those who didn't get it check out some previous episodes. Anyway this girl told us that she likes when somebody likes her toes, and my boy AJ told her that he would like to do it for her. Then I realized that the half of conversation I filmed wasn't recorded cause I bought this fucking tape from some Indochinese dude. Well like I said this chick was in need for money and finally agreed to fuck AJ after I offered her $300. This shit was hilarious. After AJ banged her, we dropped her off right in front of the building where she was working at, but with no cloth on. Well at least she got to keep the gun.

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