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13808 - ANOTHER DEATH DEFYING RIDE WITH MARKO AT THE HELM OF THE BANG BUS! I swear.. I really need to look into getting a driver that ACTUALLY drives well... sheesh... anyways... I made Marko go pick up an old friend of mine that was down here on vacation... I hadn't seen Chris in a while.... and his recent break-up with his "partner"... hey.. you never really can tell nowadays... prompted me to bring him along and do the duty..... After circling downtown Miami for what seemed like a few lifetimes.... Marko finally did something right and ran across Stephanie.... this chick was standing outside one of those all nite clubs we got down here.. the type that doesn't stop rockin' til well into the morning... Apparently she got ditched by her friends....haha... the irony of this is just great! So yeah... she was reluctant to go along with us... but Chris did his whole NYC thing and got out and pretty much snagged the chick.... I mean yeah.. the promise of some cash for an interview helped it too... but my boy held it down and just like that.. we were off! This barely legal latina broad had some great perky tits peeking thru her club wear... oh man...so yeah... After shooting the shit about how Stephanie's only interested in men with big bank rolls..... we got down to the nitty gritty.... flash some more dough in her face for a peek at her unmentionables and it was as good as sealed! Nothing like a tender young latina giving us a good ol' anal wink ... wow what a round bubble ass she had... and the way she took the cock in the mouth... you'd think she was getting air from that blowjob.. the fucking was fantastic too... tight young pussy is always a winner around here..but yeah.. the end of this one is a bit different.... I used my h**hly evolved brain matter to make it happen...watch the movie and peep the story unfold! ENJOY! The Dirty One...

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