True Nymphomaniac - Bang Bus

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14280 - Hey there ladies and gents in this weeks bangbus update//were rolling through the hood getting our grub on me and the smoke dawg!! so we decide to pick up the homie "buddy" lol dont ask..so we pick him up and are out on the hunt and we run into this cutie that brightens up this cloudy day in miami and we start the yapping and right away i realized that we had something special in the works so i invite to come eat with us and ofcourse i tell her about some fancy place to convice her and in she comes...MAN!!! "who did we pick up" lol this girl is out of her mind but sexy as hell she has so many disorders that its not even funny..the homie "buddy" again lol sure did enjoy her company..i hope you guys enjoy this update..I SURE DID..STAY TUNED!!!!

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Download this from Bang Bus