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13960 - Hey whats up, people. Welcome back. Today me and my boy Lou (you probably remember him from our BB Team episode) went to downtown to see whats going on over there. It was a pretty nice day, a lot of women on the streets which gives us a lot to work with. The only problem that I'm facing since I came here is that all these women speak Spanish, I guess I'm the only one who doesn't speak this language. Anyway Lou gave me some lessons and I got three more words in my vocabulary. Que Lindo Culo! To be honest those words are seemed to be magic in the city like Miami. I got more attention from some nice ass girl. Try to say that and you'll see how the smile gonna start stretching on the face of the person who hears that. So after driving for a while we ran into these girls and offered them some money and a sweet ride. They agreed. I realized that one of them is not wearing underwear and asked her if she wants to make some money out the fact of not having her undies on. She bent over and made $100. The other one flashed me and got the same amount. Later they both figured out where this money marathon is leading them to, and... decided to ran all the way to the end. I fucked da shit out of both of them. Nice Culo's where bouncing on top of my cock one after another. The cum shower was something they will never forget as well as the unexpected FNISH of the marathon right on the interstate h**hway.

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