Anal Makes You Successful - Bang Bus

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The Bangbros crew is on an adventure looking for tips and tricks on how to be successful. They come across a bad bitch who looks like a business woman, Channy Crossfire. When they ask her for the low down on how to attain success she can't be bothered unless there’s money involved. Because time is money. It turns out sex is money as well. The guys give up all their cash so that Jay Bangher can fuck Channy in the ass. He also gets his dick sucked and stuffs it in her tight pussy, she's usually busy so she's happy to get a good dicking. She would rather get paid to fuck than to be a business woman. Jay cums in her face before the guys kick her out once they realize they hadn't learned anything about being successful and that she basically would've taken their money if they hadn't swiped it out of her purse just in time.