Bailey Blaze The Smoke Show - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

So, we pull up on Bailey looking as hot as anyone could look. She was not trying to hear nothing we were saying. I told her we had a pod cast and that got her to stop telling us to fuck off; and she became interested. I pointed out that she did not have on a bra, and she snapped back at me. Questioning if I ever seen tiddies before. I offered her money to see hers and she was down. She got on the bus and pulled them out. Ace then got completely naked. Bailey did not mind because she thought Ace was really hot. I offered her more money to take off her shorts, and she was like fuck it why not get naked too. I think we might have made a love connection; cause Ace and Bailey could not keep their hands off each other. I guess when you put two hot people on a bus together their primal instincts tell them to fuck. Fuck they did, like they were having a duel. Ace had her sexy soft ass recoiling from back shots. She had his toes curling from her bouncing on his dick. In the end He came all over her face, but that did not stop her from continuing to suck his dick to when Ace finally tapped, and Bailey was the clear winner. I am very much impressed and hope to see Bailey again real soon.