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How y'all doing. Welcome aboard fellas. Bang bus is on the road. Today we went back to Fort Lauderdale after this new driver finally showed up. Damn it was hard to find girls today. I don't know what the hell is going on. It took us about an hour to find somebody to talk with. I guess that day was a National Assholes Day, when all mean mofos across US going out and trying to be rude with whoever they come across. I even was up for picking up some old lady and see if she wants to show her boobs inside of a bus. Sound stupid but what can I do. I don't know what would happen if this kind gentlemen wouldn't tell us to go back to Miami. As soon as we got there we met this couple walking down the street. After I offered them some money so they can go with us, they didn't even doubt. Those guys were cool. Perla flashed me few times and I figured what if they want to fuck inside, so they don't have to worry about hotels and shit. Guess what, they were up for it. It worked out well for all of us. But at the end this boy Jojo asked me to pull up cause he wanted to take a leak. What were he thinking about when he was leaving this hottie in the bus with us? I guess he still thinks about this stupid mistake he made as he walking back from some shit hole neighborhood we left him at. Your brother from another mother. PP