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Hello everybody and welcome back to our community. I always ask myself what do I have to do so every girl on the street would come up and talk to me. Thats what I always ask myself. But never respond this question cause usually I don't hear what I ask myself. What a dilemma. Anyway since the percentage of the the chicks who is willing to talk to us on the street is not even close to a hundred I figured what if I do a little test to see how people react. I simply started offering to everyone a hundred dollars for just a few seconds of theirs time. And what do you think? I still had bunch of a brads refusing to even stop so I can hand them a bill. What the hell? That shit was driving me crazy. Fortunately not all of them were that stupid so we got some action going lately. In about an hour we saw this hottie walking down the street and offered her to come join us. For a hundred dollars of course. Then she realized that she can make some money if she would let herself go a bit farther. This time for a few hundred dollars. So I had to find a guy which I did right after she agreed to fuck. This dude was meant to be a porn star. Out hundred people on the street I picked the right guy for this mission. Damn. When this guy was nailing that pussy the bus was jumping like a scared kangaroo. Check this shit out and you'll understand what I'm talking about.