Cold Hard Cash - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

I love it when fat dudes get all defensive when called out on being what they are...fat! So Smokey and I are on our way to pick up Shaggy or was it Shaggy and I picking up Smokey. Ok the fat dude and I are on our way to pick up the skinny cracked out looking dude. Yeah that's kinda mean...so Smokey and I are driving when Smokey mentions that we're picking up Shaggy from lunch and he says something about him hoping Shaggy has some food for him. So of course I can't help but mention how this dude is always talking about food because he's FAT. He gets all defensive and starts talking about how he just started working out so him and I have a bet going about how much weight he's (not) going to lose over the next month. We made a pit stop and picked up a scale shaggy and I had a bet going more like a price is right showdown on how much Smokey weighed. The fucking guy literally nearly brought the scale back to 0..I swear. See for yourself in this video. So then we all went home....yeah I'm fucking with ya. We did our usual rounds of trying to get a woman into our van. It took some time but eventually with the help of some green persuasion (and some dumb luck) we got Jessica into the van. We all got to talking but once she told us she's been in a long distance relationship and hasn't had sex in 7 months it didn't take us too long for us to get you guys this update."