Flowers for Booty - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Happy New Year Motherbitches!! We hope You all have the best 2008, and for YOU the best fans in the world!!! we are going to take it to another level this year, you'll see. But enough of the corny shit, let's get down to business. We took the bus out this week and just for the fact that we almost had an accident with a State Trooper, i think our luck was in place. We drove around Hialeah and it was like it allways is in Hialeah... Yeah, it was boring but just before we decide to drive back to the beach we found this gorgeous spanish mamasita. she was sitting outside a movie theater waiting for a ride, we gave her flowers, she said her name was Anngelmia" and we took a close look to her big ass we convinced this babe to come in and answer Thirty questions for a Dollar each and she came in and got more than that."Anngelmia" is a girl who likes to get what she wants and she wants to have her clit and pussy sucked on before she gets fucked. Of course I just had to do it for her after getting that pussy wet i just had to stick my cock deep in it. Looking at her big ass was enough to make me cum and shower this Mami with hot jizz. I guess this will not be the last time we see her I've all ready told her that her booty will get her anywhere...peace!"