Hey! We Just Banged Your Girl-Friend! - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Hey there ladies and gents in this weeks bangbus update me and the gang our out doing what we do! and man i'm not gonna lie it was looking rough out there until i spot this one chick and send my boy out to get her,just so happebns that this girl has a boyfriend but we manage to convince to come with us anyway(what a good girl huh!?) so were riding and i beging bombarding this girls with silly questions and i notice that she has the nicest set of natural that i've seen in quite some time,so i tell her to get down with my boy and the girl doesnt hesitate one bit lol (so much for that boyfriend) lol man this girl got it going on in all the right places if you know what i mean lol...i hope you guys enjoy this update!! STAY TUNED!! P.S this is a message to the boyfriend" dawg we just finished mutting your girl OUT!!