I Want to Fuck!!! - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Kiki Klout was on the bus and she was horny. She would pick up some guys and hope that they could satisfy her. She pretty much undressed, was hanging out of the bus window, shouting at the world: I want to fuck!!!! Luckily guys don’t need much convincing to climb into a white van. A little tit hanging out of the window and they are lured in right away. Just like the guy at the bus stop. Within a few minutes he was inside the bus, getting a blowjob, fucking Kiki and then… he came… ??? He came??? Me One Minute Man? What a disgrace. They threw him off the bus and kept looking for somebody who could satisfy her. There was Romeo. With that name he surely knew how to fuck. So he got on the bus and she sucked and she sucked and she sucked… and a tiny wee wee was just dangling soft between her fingers. They kicked him out butt naked. Seemed like regular guys didn’t have it in them, They need a pro. Luckily Johnny The Kid was available. They met. She sucked. They fucked. They fucked for real. Huge dick and in and out. Lots of pleasure, moaning, screaming, bus shaking. Johnny came in her face and they lived happily ever after.