Innocent 18 Year Old Gets Fucked Hard - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Anna Mae was walking through her new neighborhood when the Bang Bus stopped next to her. Just like most girls she would never get into a white van but the guys inside were so charming and they were dropping 100 dollar bills like they were tissues. They even made her do push ups to distract from their real intentions. So she got lured into the van with lots of cash. They blindfolded and made her guess what objects they put into her had. Obviously very soon that object was a big dick. She freaked out. She wanted to leave. But $800 more made her suck that big dick. Then she got fucked hard in every imaginable position. She could hardly breathe. Peter came into her face. They stopped the car in the middle of the everglades. For another $100 she got out of the van to take a picture. Meanwhile they took the money out of her purse, threw her stuff at her and told her” Girl you got scammed. They laughed as they drove off.