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Kate was found by ugly and I when she was strolling across the street from some tienda, thats spanish for store, in little havana. Ugly quickly jumped on that bitch in seconds flat usually we wait to get the girl on the side of the van where I can do my smooth operation but Ugly wanted her bad enough to attempt to pick her up in the middle of the fuckin road he's always been crazy like that. So anyway Kate was looking for South Beach, she had been staying with a couple of friends that work too much to show her the sites of Miami and I had actually just got certified in tour guiding so I took it upon myself to show her how to get to South Beach taking the scenic route. Ohhhh shit I almost forgot at first we wanted to pick up a painter friend of mine named Pablo but he chickened out and his Colombian friend Manny went with us instead it was funny because he talked just like the Manny from scar face the movie. Anyway he was cool and blonde girls really seem to dig that cheezy latino. Kate seemed to enjoy it so we shoved off to the beach but Ugly got really lost so we took a route we knew better by the way the story with Kate was that she was in Miami vistitng friends she seemed smart but really had no clue what she was in for and manny really liked her he couldn't keep his hands off her smelling hair and shit she was cool you know your typical party college girl spending mommy and daddys money. Im not going to go on and on like usuall but the movie is great its a real american college girl spread wide for your viewing enjoyment and theres one part where I had a heart to heart talk with Kates mom on her cell phone about hers daughters activities out side of school.............. thanks The Dirty One