Little Obama Mama - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Whats Up? Preston here! In todays update we headed up to Orlando from Miami to find some hot ladies to get on the bus. Going to Orlando just kind of happened on a whim because I fell asleep and Smokey kept driving. The next thing I knew when I woke up we were almost to Orlando. So anyway when we arrived to Orlando there were people everywhere and the streets were packed with people. Well we come to find out Obama was in town. This is a good thing for the Bang bus right! After driving around and talking to lots of friendly people we ran into an Obama supporter by the name of Sunny. Sunny was a slamming chick with great ass and tits. She came on the bus and we started waving some cash in her face and it was all over. She fucked and sucked cock like a porn star! It was really fun to watch her get fucked! I know you guys will like it! Shaggy did!"