Mimi - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there two guys who drove a big red bus all around Miami looking for multitudes of bitches when all of a sudden while cruising the ghettos of little havana they came across a cuban bitch with a huge ripe delicious ass I mean huge it turned out the guy we had with us was a fuckin virgin if you can believe that. But this was the truth and it was also his birthday so the two noble gentlemen known as thee bang brothers took him out to pop his cherry. when Ugly and Sanchez met the young lady it was magic well not really Ugly almost ran Mimi off the side walk but we could tell that even though her eyes said fuck off her lips were saying I need a big fuckin cock slammed down my ghetto throat" and the two were more than happy to help her out every ghetto bitch needs a fat cock down the throat once and a while. OK to be honest this chick was an absolute bitch and it was only until we convinced her of her true HO nature that she got on her knees and worshiped the golden penis of virtue and big Mike lost his virginity every one was happy until Mimi who I like to call the bitchass ho needed to pee that when we made our move and left her at some park when she crouched to pee peace be with you all The Dirty One"