Pressure Fucks White Girl in the Bus - Bang Bus

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This time we got our boy Pressure, it was his first time on the bus so we went out looking for a girl. Roaming around the neighborhood we saw this little blonde white ass girl, I approached her but she wasn't interested in anything I could offer, until she saw the money, then she started talking to us, we found out that she had never been with a black guy and she was also a stripper, from that point everything was really easy we got her in the bus and Pressure started getting naked, he made her hold her big dick and then she started sucking it then he pounded here in many different positions all over the bus until he delivered his hot load all over her face at the end we tricked her to get out and look for fishes in the river, then Pressure step out of the bus and pushed her right into the water, it was really fun, she got stranded and wet.