Spring Break Heaven. Part 2 - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Whats up fellas. Spring Break Heaven volume 2 is up. So let me tell you really quick whats happened this time. As yo all know our driver Al B finally got his jew nose job done and quit driving since his face now looks like a dick which attracts too much unwanted attention. So assuming that I came out with an idea to let our most loyal fans get behind a legendary wheel. This time Tito was the lucky one. He told me that ever since he started watching the Bang Bus all he could think of is becoming a part of it at least once. His dream came true. Like a dream of this other guy AJ who we met like in an hour later. Since AJ was a good looking guy I thought we could use him as a bait for some hot spring breaker. That shit really work. Well after about 10 tries. Anyway he introduced me to this girl from Texas and I asked her if she wants to join us on our South Beach tour with a quick stop in Ft. Lauderdale (which she wasn't told of course). She thought that it could be fun and agreed to get inside. A 10 minutes later she found AJ's cock behind her chick and a little while after that she was riding his cock like a real Texas cowgirl. We had a lot of fun with those two. Yeah I forgot to say that before I found them we had another two chicks flushing in front of my camera. Check this out!