Teddy Wanksta! - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Yo! What up B! Teddy Wanksta here taking over for Sanchez. Just joking! Teddy's back in Wyoming. We found out later he was really from Worland, Wyoming. What a Wanksta! If he wasn't JT's cousin I would have probably kicked him out of the bus too. Much like we did this crazy ass girl named Samantha. I couldn't figure this girl out. She claimed she loved to read and teach others yet she had the vocabulary of a seventh grader. After a while I stopped trying to figure her out and went in for the kill. She was like putty in my hands. The girl was money hungry! She gave me some lame student loan story but I suspect the girl never graduated junior high. In reality I think this girl just wanted to get fucked. I don't really think she even cared about the money that she never got. She was all over Teddy Wanksta from the start. Teddy hit that ass! He tore up as they say. He did good.....for a wanksta! That's my favorite word of the week if you haven't noticed by now. This girl Samantha gave great head by the way. Teddy told me it was the best head he had ever gotten. Of course, he was a virgin. After Teddy came all over her face we then concocted a brilliant plan Albert and I. It involved the girls back pack and the passenger side window. She took the bait and ran out to get her book bag. Just that easy ,she was never to be seen again. -D. Sanchez