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13812 - God damn that Hurricane Wilma.... that's what.. the 818579324782914 hurricane this year... sheesh.... you know how I do tho... I'll turn lemons into lemonade quick fast! JT joined us on this mission.... I didn't know if I should take him or not.. with all those damn tranny rumors ( or so he says) .. but yeah... I figured what the hell... Sweeping Miami streets is always fun... especially when Marko defies any and all traffic laws in the pursuit of pussy!! After making our rounds... my eagle eyes see Vivi walking down a backstreet damning her cell phone.... Wilma did a number on our cell phone reception .... not only that... but come to find out that this young latina babe had yet to get her power back... along with a few other bits of info that I didn't care enough to remember... what I DO remember.. is me seizing the oppurtunity to help this damsel in distress by offering her a ride to the store and $200 for my documentary about hurricane victims here in South Florida... The way I figured... this chick had nothing else better to do.. so after slaying her with my platinum tongue (yeah... you read right bee-itch!)... we were off to the depths of debauchery! You know things got really interesting when I found out that this hot latina with gorgeous natural tits was from Colombia....just like me! With that and my keen intellect as my allies.... it was a wrap.. didn't take much to get her to pop her titties out... I've had harder times trying to piss straightand peeling Vivi's pants off to reveal her tight round ass was great! JT did prove he was good for something as he pounded away at Vivi's hot, tight pussy.... good show.. even for a guy that likes trannies... hahahahaha... but yeah... like the rest of the bimbos.... Vivi's services were no longer required after catching a hot batch of baby batter with her face... Enjoy this one suckas.. it's good shit.. The Dirty One...

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