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13800 - It's always some sort of event when Ugs brings people from his past on the Bang Bus.... the self-proclaimed "King of Miami" back in '95.... brought along one of his ol' skool chico thug bretheren from the mean streets of Lil' Havana... Robert was his name.... so yeah... we were all on the usual prowl for poontang when fate brought ours and Zoel's paths together! She was having trouble with the parking meter.. a true testament of her intelligence.. so you know that Dirty Dirty had to come to the rescue! Luckily I had a roll of quarters that I use to bash Ugly in the face with whenever he gets unruly... so with that as my olive branch I began to court this lovely young natural breast having honey dip.... The whole colllege course mockumentary spiel never fails.. and offering her $50 on top of things made it too good to be true for this broad! Once we were in the Bang Bus... it was curtains for this chick... not meat curtains tho.... although Zoester did have one of the biggest camel toe of a pussy I've seen in my entire existence! You know things are gonna go good when the chick isn't wearing any panties. Her blowjob skills were definitely a great way to start the sex.. then the 69 was even better! Once Robert started pounding her pussy.. it was a wrap! Or so I thought... that was until the ANAL came into play! Ha! Good Shit! Enjoy this one fuckers... it was a barrel of monkies... The Dirty One..

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Download this from Bang Bus