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8967 - I was to test Dean Van Damme today, a handsome farm boy with a body made of steel. Dean had taken only three lessons, but his girlfriend really wanted him to get his license. Dean wasn't interested in driving because he was a simple man who liked his guitar and his farm life: a free spirit. He was nervous during the examination. He kept starting and stopping erratically, and halfway through the test I had already decided to fail him. As we pulled over, I took pity on Dean. He was such a sweet man, and sexy to boot. I thought to myself he might have an easier time on his next try if he relaxed a little. It was hot in the car, so I unbuttoned my blouse, and suggested he take his shirt off entirely. Unbuttoning his pants, I started stroking the farmboy's cock, and when he stood at attention, I took his dick cowgirl style so he could lick my big tits. Dean came hard on my tight pussy! Suffice it to say, next time he tests, he will have happy memories in the Mean Orange Machine!

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