Learner Bent Over and Fucked - Fake Driving School


I met Sue the Bum in the Mean Orange Machine today. Sue claimed to ready to take her exam, but her driving skills were lacking in the skill department. Sue kept making mistakes. She blew a stop sign, couldn't figure out a roundabout, and even had trouble with the brakes. I told Sue I could not give her a pass. Sue told me she was so excited for her license, and that she had a friend who was sick, who needed rides to school. I am a man of integrity, and could not besmirch the name of the Fake Driving School, so I said no... and that's when Sue kissed me. We came to an agreement: I could play with her big tits and fuck her tight pussy, and then maybe I would pass her. We fucked all over the car, and I wanked off into her mouth. For all her efforts, I had to reward Sue. She couldn't drive, but she sure could fuck!