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I love foreign birds, they're so easy going. They'll show their tits at the drop of a hat, and with a little chit chat they'll do a lot more than that.I had this really hot Czech chick in my cab earlier, nearly tried climbing into the front with me for the entire journey. She was a definite candidate for the 100yr old tradition. After a bit of banter she got her tits out, which made her somewhat horny and then she asked me to hop in the back with her. Not one to miss an opportunity I parked up and got my arse in the back. Tall, blonde, sleek with perfect nipples, just what I needed on this miserable day. I was soon to find out that this bird was up for anything, when I tried plunging my helmet into her arse. Perfect, I was riding the train into brown town, my favourite station. After fucking her arse all over the taxi it was time to blow my load, so I got her to suck her arse juice off my cock and proceeded to blow spurts of white fury all into her mouth and over her face. Well, that brightened up my day no end. Cheers love.