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This lovely, attractive lady was definitely on a one night stand last night, she was all dolled up from the night before. As I got speaking to her she said she went back to a guys flat for some fun, but was very disappointed as he was a bad shag and she was now looking forward to going home and finishing herself off with some toys. I was not letting this girl out of my sight until I tried every chat up line I could think of to get into her knickers. It didn't take to long before we made a deal that I would put a smile on her face or she could have the whole cab fare for free. She seemed to think this was a good idea and I was glad, as I would of paid her a fortune to get my cock in this one and she was just happy to call it quits for the cab. I soon pulled up in the nearest spot I knew, I was gonna take my time with this one and try not to blow my load to quick.