Feisty Babe Revenge Fucks Driver - Fake Taxi

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Well here I am again, this time of year is very busy so I tend to start very early in the mornings to earn some much needed extra cash. My second pick up of the day was a feisty brunette, who was very angry with her boyfriend as she was shouting at him down the phone on the way into the cab. I asked if everything was Ok and she said that she suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her and it's the fact that he is lying about it that is pissing her off the most, not just the fact that he's fucking another woman. She said sex is just a physical act and it is what it is, but don't lie about it. This was on the cards for a good revenge fuck and she looked like she could fuck all day. This was gonna happen and I just needed to find somewhere to pull up so I could close the deal.