Posh blonde bird misses date and gets fucked in taxi instead - Fake Taxi

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My day was going along alright, but was about to get even better when I picked up a damsel in distress. A posh sounding hot blonde flagged me down due to her car had broken down. I found out that she was on her way to a date of the sexual kind. Unfortunately for her I didn't have a fucking clue how to get to Sheffield and the successful drop off to her waiting date. By the time I'd driven around in circles her date called to cancel it! Oops. So, like a knight in shining armour I offered to step in and take his place. At first she was a bit reluctant, but as she was gagging for a shag it didn't take long before she was gobbling my cock and I was fingering and fucking her hot wet hole. Just as we were finishing up (and by finishing up I mean I'd bolted 2 massive streams of cum across her left eye) two car cops went whizzing by! It was brown trousers time, as I thought they had come for me! Luckily they fucked off around the corner and I made a sharp exit in the opposite direction. Happy days.