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This brunette named Isabelle De Laa got into my taxi today and she was not wearing her mask. I reminder her we were in quarantine, and asked her to keep it on. Soon, she had once more removed it so she could take selfies. I reminded her politely, but again, she took it off to talk on the phone! I was angry with her disrespect when she took it off a fourth time, this time to apply lip gloss. I pulled over and told her she didn't respect me, and to get out of the taxi. She had no other way to get to her friend's house, so I said I could still drive her if she got naked. When she stripped, I saw she had nice boobs and a great ass, so I told her I would pull over, and if she gave a blowjob, I'd drive her the entire way. Once she had my big dick in her mouth, Isabella got horny, and sat her wet pussy on my huge cock. I fucked her as she bounced her booty up and down on my lap, then covered her with a facial.