Short Skirt Blonde Is Short of Cash - Fake Taxi

Channel: Fake Taxi

Another day in the taxi, but this time the weather was looking miserable and that's peak time for us taxi's. I even look for women that don't have umbrella's as I know this will help me when it's pissing down. I turned a corner and there she was, a skinny blonde with one of the shortest skirts I have ever seen. This was my chance and so I pulled over. As we were on our journey she asked me how much the fare would be and I said around £40. She said can you take me as far as £30 will get her, as it's all she had. As the grin slowly came upon my face, I knew this one was in the bag, and so offered to take her all the way for just a few short minutes alone with her in the back. She said Ok and I was already thinking of the blowjob that I was about to get, and much, much more.