The Summer of Peace and Love - Fake Taxi

Channel: Fake Taxi

I knew Stacy Seran and Princess Paris were trouble the second then flagged down the taxi. The ladies told me they were coming back from the Festival of Love, and wanted to head to the river to chill. I had to stop short at a sign, and Princess Paris squeezed her water bottle all over Stacy's white shirt, prompting a water fight! They even soaked me! It was fun to see their tits like a wet t-shirt contest, but when I asked who would be paying the clean up fee, they told me they had no cash, no handbags, only peace and love. I found out that meant they would finger each other, then one would give me a blowie while the other gave me a rimjob, and that they would switch! I got to take turns fucking both Stacy and Paris, then plowing Stacy doggystyle, I pulled out and came all over her arse so Paris licked it all up!