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12882 - I picked up one of the shaky phony babes today! When Brook Logan jumped in my cab on the way to the pub, I knew I recognized her from somewhere, then I remembered. I'd fantasized about that hot slut from the TV a thousand times! I just couldn't believe I'd seen her pussy, and here she was sitting in the back of my cab! Since I'd already seen her naked, Brook said she might as well have a little jack off as we drove. I could barely concentrate on the road! Then she invited me into the backseat, begging me to lick her pussy. Brook sat and twerked on my face while I ate her out, hamming it up for the cameras like a true celeb. We did some tribbing and ass eating, and she gave me the kind of incredible orgasm that only a filthy whore can provide! Brook said she wouldn't forget me, and it was the best taxi ride she'd ever had! As for me, I got to eat the famous pussy I'd been dreaming of!

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Download this from Female Fake Taxi