The Fascination of Big Boobs - Female Fake Taxi

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I was on my phone when Marcus London got into the taxi and asked me if I was free. Marcus told me he was in town on vacation, having never been to Eastern Europe, and was just here for a good time. Like most guys, he started talking about my big boobs almost immediately, and asked if he could find out if they were real. I needed to concentrate on the road and I said not yet, so he asked me if he showed me his cock, would I show him my tits? All of this sexy talk flustered me, and soon, I got lost. My GPS wouldn't even work, and I apologized to Marcus. He didn't seem to mind for some reason, and invited me into the backseat. When we got there, I saw how truly sexy he was, and we started to make out. Marcus was amazing in bed, he made me squirt multiple times, then pleased my pussy with his big dick! It was a wet and wild fuck, then he came all over my boobs!