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13872 - So Alb, Whiteboy and i came upon this chick named Bianca walking alone in the rain on her Ipod and carrying some really heavy groceries , We pulled up and asked her if she was in need of a ride or some help with the bags, and she just kept on walking on paying us no mind at all but finally we got her to stop and have a chat with us , See what happened is Jmac saw this girl in a nearby market while getting something to eat and asked me to find her when he came out to get back inside the van ... Anyways while trying to get her to come with us some of her neighbors started coming outside to see what was going on and I think that she decided to get in the van more over the basis that Bianca wanted the money but didn't want to look like a hooker in front of all her neighbors receiving the money to hang out with us ,, So anyway she got in and we headed out , Bianca I think was a little weird . Not butter in her butt and lollypops in her mouth weird but like an in the closet HOBAG Cocksucker to be exact . One of those girls that wanna take a dick down the throat while another from behind but would have to do it fucked up on some beach at night at some party in mexico so that nobody she knows would ever find out about it ... and well thats fine and all but the doctor inside of me thinks that not to be healthy one bit ... so I don't look at this update as hurting her in the end just because everybody she knows will now know of her hobaggyness , But a good thing because now she can share it with the world and have something different to talk about with her parents over thanks giving dinner this Year anyway enjoy D

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