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13640 - Today i wanted to provide a Public Service Announcement to all of our fans. The first subject is called Meat Flaps.(when a women's nipple area touches the stomach region). The second subject is Meat Curtains.(a.k.a. Roast Beef Lips, this is when a women's lips can be used as a blanket). The last subject is The Sink Hole.( this is when u can hear the ocean out of a women's ass hole). So if u know any women with these 3 symptoms call your nearest disease control center. During our service announcement we were driving around South Beach and we ran into some sweet piece of ass named Sinstar. We offered her a chance to make some quick cash by answering some questions. And of course she agreed, it was all fun from that point on. Sinstar let us show her Miami Hospitality (D. Sanchez style) This young babe sucked cock like a pro, and could take the cock like a champ. Expecially when she got it Spider Monkey style. This Bayou Bitch really knew how to please Anthony, i believe her family had some thing to do with that. Please enjoy cause i know i did..

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Download this from Bang Bus