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13862 - Have I ever told you guy's I need a new driver? I'm excepting applications next month. J/K. I have been through some shit with the current guy. He's cool and shit but his driving is terrible. Take this chick Veronica. JT and I bagged this really cute, plump ass, beach chick. We gave her the old "We want to interview you" line. She was game. This girl was a bit loose if you no what I mean. The minute she hops on JT turns up the charm. He was holding her and making her comfortable and here comes the driver with his sudden braking and sudden turns and fucks it all up. God it just pisses me off! Sorry guys. I just need to vent! Anyway, this girl was a hottie. She had a nice set of tits. After some damage control JT and I had her eating out of our hands. She gave a great blowjob and fucked like an animal. Or should I say JT fucked her like an animal. He came all over her cute face. So after banging this chick, the driver took us to this field with horses. Girls are suckers for horse. Of course, the minute we get there she's like "AHH, look at the horsies!" "I wanna pet um!" We encouraged her to do so. And the rest is history. -DIRT

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