Dylan - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Don't you just love Catholic school girls??? All those years of pent up anger and sexual frustration.... just begging to come out and conquer cocks of all kinds! Now Dylan's case is a peculiar one... being that I.. the Almighty Dirty Sanchez... have gotten involved!!! So the scenario goes like this... we snag Dylan as she's walking to her nephew's place with a halloween costume.... so in classic Bang Bus fashion.. we turned this trick with promise of $$ treats and her pussy gets beat with preston's dick! Never thought that I could rhyme huh... BACK TO THE SITUATION AT HAND! Dylan's huge natural juggs and innocent catholic girl giggle were enough to make me jiz my pants..... just wait til y ou see homegirl get wrecked!! Fantastic shoot IMO... and trust me fellas.. my opinion is LAW!!! The Dirty One...