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So, we were lost in a corporate park when we pulled up on Amiee. She was a hot older lady that was just Johnny's speed. Lucky for him she was hot, horny, and lonely. All about her corporate job, she had not gotten any dick in a while. Bob has been her go to. Battery operated boyfriend. We offered her money to see her tits and she almost did it just on the fact she couldn’t believe we were interested. Then for two stacks we got her to take off her panties. Johnny had seen enough and asked could he lick her pussy. By this time Amiee was so horny she wanted it more than her next breath. While Johnny was licking the dust off her box, she noticed how tight his pants had gotten in the crotch. She grabbed it and was happy she could make someone his age that hard. Johnny pulled it out and she was so happy she couldn’t wait to put it in her mouth. She was not ready for what happened next, as Johnny fucked her like a woman half her age. He pounded her like she had never been pounded before. She was in extasy because she needed so badly to get fucked this way. Johnny blasts a load all over her, and she made sure she took Johnny’s number after she cleaned up. When we dropped her off, I don’t think she was going back to work. Johnny had fucked some PTO out of her.