I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

We pull up on a redhead hottie Abby, and Sheem is in love. I can barely run game on her without Sheem interjecting how beautiful and hot she is. He is lucky the money talks more than him, as I was able to get her on the bus to show us her tiddies. Sheem kept going on about how strong he was, so I bet Sheem he couldn't rip Abby's leggings. It took some convincing but she was willing to let him try. Sheem eventually got them ripped wide open exposing all of Abby's asshole. She was not wearing any panties. She was a little embarrassed, and then Sheem pointed out her pussy was dripping wet. Abby admitted the whole thing was turning her on, I told her I would give her 500 to let Sheem eat her pussy. She happily agreed and that sent her over the top. She told Sheem its time for her to return the favor. So, she sucked his dicked like it was her job. The two both now smitten with each other began to fuck so hard I thought the van was going to come apart. Sheem after beating her pussy like it was a fight, came in her mouth. We didn’t have time to get Abby some new pants so I gave her Sheem's when we dropped her off. A parting gift from the love-struck man.