Madison and JS - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Allright fellas time for another bangbus! Before I forget, if you wanna ditch your girlfriend on the bus, please don't send more than one e-mail. We have gotten an overwhelming amount of e-mails for that scenario, ever since Nick ditched his girlfriend on the bus. This week JS is going to be ditching his girl on the bus.You know how we do. Anyway this girl Madison is hot! She has a nice ass and lucious tits. You should have seen this girl go on about how she loved her man and how they are going to get married one day. This girl really needed this wake up call. How could you be with someone and not know that they hate your guts and would go out of their way to ditch you in front of the whole world to see you get ditched. To all my female fans wake up" guys are assholes. You better know who you're going to bed with. To all my guy fans: as long as these girls are clueless enough to come on the bus I'll keep on doing it. So let's jump to the sex. This girl could really fuck I can tell you that much. She sucked him hard then rode him hard and then he came all over her face. The drop off is a classic (watch the trailer for visual confirmation). Anyway enjoy the flick fellas!