Ness is in DA HOUSE!!! - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Hey guys, Preston here, back at it again! This week we have a treat for all you Bangbus fans, so check it out! We decide to bring our homie, Ness out with us. He's been going through some personal issues. You know how it is. So what the hell, I bring him along hoping that he could release some of that stress. Anyway, the mission that day is to get him laid, so I go to ATM to get some cash. I see this lost soul, Star, in search of help when we're there. You know me. I'm just a giving guy, so I give her a helping hand and ask her to come with us, that if she does, it'll be worth her while. She gets in quicker than most chicks and I figured this might be Ness's chance! Time to get rid of some of his stress, right? Man, did it backfire on him. He totally pusses out decides to drive instead. Sucks, because Ness is my boy and all, but we've got a willing chick in the Bang Bus. We gotta do what we gotta do, if you know what I mean! Guys, this was a very fun update on so many levels...Stay tuned...