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Riley Bee hopped into the cab today, telling me she was late for an exam. As I drove, she revealed it was her first time taking a taxi. Usually she traveled in other ways, but because she was so late, she had acted impulsively. As I do with every new passenger, I asked if she knew how much the ride cost so there would be no surprises come payment time. Riley did not have enough money to cover the cost of the ride, so I offered her an alternative form of payment. I like younger women, so I asked her to show me her body. Riley leaned forward and flashed me her beautiful boobs, and I was interested, so I told her if she agreed to fuck me I would drive her to her exam on time. We pulled over en route and I took off her bodysuit, then fingered and licked her pink pussy. Riley stroked my cock then put it inside of her, then played with her clit as I gently fucked her. Her pussy felt so good that I barely pulled out as I came all over her!